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Eagle™ III Manual

The Eagle™ III MANUAL is a hand fed grommeting machine activated via a foot valve. It cuts the hole and sets the grommet in a single stroke, as well as automatically adjusts to your material thickness.

It shares the same components as its automatic sister Grommeting machine, Eagle™ III 2.0, thereby making it the toughest manual grommeting machine on the market. Sharing components also permits you to convert the Eagle™ III Manual into an Eagle™ III 2.0, should your production volume eventually require a fully automatic machine.

  • Grommets and washers are manually hand fed
  • Grommet and washers size can be interchanged
  • Toughest in the industry
  • Modular: Can be converted into Eagle™ III 2.0
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Adfast Eagle III Manual machine

Eagle™ III 2.0

The Eagle™ III 2.0 is a pneumatic fully automatic machine. A foot pedal activates the automatic feeding of grommets and washers, cuts a hole in your material and sets the grommet and washer in a single stroke.

Integrated sensors permit the Eagle™ III 2.0 to operate via an action/reaction logic, rather than time elapse action triggers. This ensures a perfect operation upon each stroke. If you don’t like technology, feel free to bypass all or individual sensors and use the machine in all simplicity.

Everything that is necessary to operate the machine… is on the machine. The Eagle™ III can be installed and operated in any location with an airline and 110 VAC power cord.

Different options are available, such as a laser pointer, foldable extension material guide, manual mode operation, table, as well as an automatic material positioning end feeding system. All Eagle™ machines are custom made and can be customized according to your needs.

  • Automatic and simple
  • Action/reaction logic, rather than delay based
  • High capacity brushless bowls
  • Washer absence/presence detection
  • Workbench design. All components integrated
  • Customizable
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Adfast Eagle III 2.0 Machine

Eagle™ I

The Eagle™ I is a fully automatic, fully mechanical grommeting machine which does not necessitate air and requires only a 110VAC connection. It is the perfect tool when spacing between each grommet is very narrow and thickness between grommets and washers must be constant, such as for safety harnesses. Like all our grommet machines, the Eagle™ I machine will cut and install grommets and washers in your material in a single stroke at a speed of up to 100 settings per minute. Its oversized parts make it the strongest and the most robust grommeting machine in the industry. Its single-hulled cast iron frame guarantees precision and solidity.

A PLC manages all sensors, thereby protecting the operator as well as the machine. It is extremely safe: when the front guard is not in place, the machine cannot operate. The brushless cast iron feeding bowls limit maintenance to occasional cleaning.

In addition, Our Eagle™ I machines feed on demand, rather than continuously. The Eagle™ I can install grommets and washers on almost all materials used in the industry, including vinyl, plastic, fabric and even Kevlar. It is also effective on multilayer textiles. It can set grommets sized # 0 to # 5. The Eagle™ I is your choice when speed, consistency, security and reliability are a necessity for your business.

  • Fully mechanical
  • Fully automatic
  • Safety harness industry standard
  • Fast and powerful
  • Toughest machine on the market
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Adfast Eagle I Machine

Automatic Material Feeding System

The Automatic Material Feeding system was designed for the safety harness industry where grommet installation is in particularly narrow webbing. The automatic feeding system does not only automatically feed the material accurately via a servo motor but will also remove any bacon effect induced by closely set grommets.

All crucial components are monitored to ensure that if any problem occurs, be it a missing washer or grommet, bad positioning, belt jam, empty bowl, or other, the operator will be notified. Multiple different recipes can be entered and stored independently and selected for production via a 7’’ touch screen.

The entire system is enclosed within a Lexan guard and protected via a double channel monitoring system that eliminates all danger when accessing the machine. The Automatic Material Feeding System can be adapted to any of our automatic Eagle™ machines as well as to your specific needs, as everything is custom designed & manufactured.

  • Material automatically fed and positioned to the machine
  • Designed for the safety harness industry but easily adapted to less rigorous needs
  • Eliminates the bacon effect induced by multiple closely set grommets.
  • Servo motor driven with encoder surveillance.
  • Can be used on any Eagle™ machine
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Adfast Eagle Autofeed Machine

Hand & hole punches

Adfast Hand Punch Hole Punch

Hole punch Selection

Grommet Item Code
Spur#0 Hole Punch 8mm
Spur#1 Hole Punch 11mm
Spur#2 Hole Punch 11mm
Spur#3 Hole Punch 14mm
Spur#4 Hole Punch 16mm
Spur#5 Hole Punch 16mm
Spur#6 Hole Punch 19mm
Spur#7 Hole Punch 24mm
Spur#8 Hole Punch 30mm
Sheet#0 Hole Punch 7mm
Sheet#1 Hole Punch 8mm
Sheet#2 Hole Punch 10mm
Sheet#3 Hole Punch 11mm
Sheet#4 Hole Punch 13mm
Sheet#5 Hole Punch 16mm

Hand punch Selection

Grommet Item Code
Sheet#3 3 HAND PUNCH-3P
Sheet#5 5 HAND PUNCH-5P